"Money is the root of all evil."

-- Someone who wants to steal your sin.

Money is too important to leave up to the government.


Money Is A Tool

Money is a representation of value. Value is created through productive capability. The ability to create value is the application of the mind. As such, money is a tool to share, exchange, and multiply good ideas.

Money Is Creative

Money is a representation and form of value. Value is created through the productive power of the human mind. Movement, alone, is not enough to create value. Value is solely the result of the application of logic, reason, and imagination coupled with effort to change the world in some useful way. 

The seller wants the money more than their product or service. The buyer wants the product or service more than the money. They both voluntarily choose to exchange what they have for what the other has. Through this process, there is more value in the world than there was before the transaction.

Money Is Voluntary

Consent is the foundation of all moral choices. If you are not free to say "no" you aren't free. All ethical relationships are the result of all parties choosing to continue associating together. 

At any point, they should be able to opt out of the relationship. Money is the only moral arbiter of value exchange. The only other way to distribute possessions is theft.

Money Is Objective

Money is an empirical unit of productive capacity. This is easiest to see with a counter example. Think of a world where money is disconnected from the world of production and creation: the world of politics.

If money's value was not an objective measure of productive capacity, what would make it worth anything? A central entity would have to proclaim money's value with laws prohibiting citizens from using anything other than the governmentally approved fantasy money. 

To believe it possible to speak value into existence is magical thinking. Money's value is constantly manipulated, stolen, and eroded by political entities, and as such is always the result of using violence to coerce citizen behavior and steal the value they've created through the efforts of their own mind and body.

Money Is Virtue

Love is the celebration of what's best in the world. Love is an expression of fundamental values and principles. As such, money can only be appreciated by those who understand what money truly represents, and are willing to live up to the life required to create it in the first place.

The people who hate money do so because they understand, deep down, that they are not worthy of it. Just like a soldier who lies to receive an award he does not deserve, he will hate himself for his stolen valor.

 People who hate money hate themselves for not being able to create something worthwhile, and project that anger onto the capable in the form of envy and hatred.

It is evil to hate what is virtuous.

Money Is Prediction

There are only two strategies to get what you want and need out of life. Through the use of violence, or voluntary association. A society that does not value money values violence. Consequently, you can measure the morality of a society and system by its beliefs about money.